TWP aims to inform the public on all sides of an issue, create a civil dialogue between opposing parties and to find pragmatic solutions to each issue so change can be realized. TWP accomplishes this by hosting “Point Counterpoint Events” (PCE for short). There are three main components to a PCE.

1. It educates attendees on all sides of the issue. Speakers representing each side will be on a panel.

Most people are getting their “news” from a source that presents one side of an issue….news outlets, talk radio, PACs, organizations, etc. While rallies and marches are great to reinforce the belief of the attendees, they do nothing to create a dialogue between people with opposing viewpoints and may actually hinder the process by reinforcing a “We They” mentality. Let’s bring people with opposing views together and talk about the issues in a mature and meaningful way.

The PCE will not be a town hall meeting. As we’ve recently seen, town hall meetings held by members of the legislature have gotten out of control. Attendees at a PCE are not given the opportunity to ask questions or share their opinion during the presentation. They can submit questions via text or notecards to the moderator who will select which questions to ask, if any.

Some great TED talks that support our mission:

Other great sources for bipartisan information:

The movement for balanced information, dialogue and solutions

Why The Wine Party (TWP): Okay, it’s a play on the other “Parties” that people are familiar with. There’s the Tea Party for conservatives and the Coffee Party for liberals and they disseminate information to support their partisan views. How is one supposed to get a balanced view of an issue? 

The Wine Party seeks to solve that problem. TWP wants to present all sides of an issue and create dialogue between opposing parties. Since wine seems to create a convivial atmosphere conducive to discussion, I've chose The Wine Party as the name. Whether wine is served at a TWP event is not important as I know many people prefer beer, cocktails or don’t drink any alcohol. The name of TWP is just to show there’s an alternative to the "beverage" organizations.

The Wine Party

2. Once the sides are presented, the panel will try to find a solution. The attendees will watch while experts on the issue try to come up with a pragmatic solution, a compromise to move forward. We want people to see opposing sides working together for a solution.

3. Attendees will wear color coded name tags to identify their position on the topic, e.g. Pro, Con, Undecided. After the presentation and solution effort, there will be an opportunity for moderated small group discussions so people can discuss what they’ve just heard…and maybe come up with solutions of their own. For those who don’t want to participate in the small groups, they will have a chance to mingle with their fellow attendees. Either way, it’s a good opportunity to interact with all types of people to broaden their horizons.

TWP’s policy will not tolerate derogatory comments, personal insults, interrupting a speaker, yelling or any other immature or unruly behavior by the attendees or the speakers. Anyone violating this policy will be removed immediately.

Each PCE will be videotaped and made available to people across the country via our website. We’ll enlist conservative and liberal media outlets, PACs, organizations, etc. to sponsor our movement and help spread the word as almost all will recognize the benefit of doing so vs. what we have happening currently. I’d like to have PCE conferences happen in cities all across the nation….go on tour if you will. TWP will offer weekend conferences where 5-8 PCEs will be held to include topics from, but not limited to, the following list:

1. Education
2. Immigration
3. Unemployment
4. Healthcare
5. The Economy
6. Race relations
7. Inequality
8. Federal budget / debt

Those are the topics a recent Gallup poll found were most on American’s minds but other national topics could be included like ageism, privatizing prisons, tax reform, the environment, etc. as well as city specific issues.  

I’d like to start the movement here in the greater Phoenix area. Instead of a weekend conference, I’d like to do a standalone presentation on one issue with others to follow soon after and then go on the road in 2018. 

We would love to have your help. First, by clicking the Get Involved button by joining TWP at where events are listed. Secondly, by making a donation to help pay for the venue, videotaping, etc.

Mark Phillips
Scottsdale, AZ